"Quick read with serious analogy of current political storm....formative and humorous
Highly recommend"

"Very concise and to the point, well researched and thought out, articulate and witty. It informed me and made me feel better at the same time. I heartily recommend this book to anyone."

​"Highly recommended thoroughly enjoyable from page to page"

​"Very interesting insight!"


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"An excellent novella about the inherent risks of cyber attacks with some otherworldly spice. Victoria is an excellent side character who provides an interesting twist to this light techno thriller."

​​​"Science fiction meets Sam Spade.... Your writing style

is easy to read with

witty dialogue."

"I thoroughly enjoyed

reading your work. Perceptive, ironic,

satiric, and engaging."

​"I love the cover! Reminds me of classic science fiction!"

"I'm gonna put this one on my TBR pile."​

​"Can't wait to check

this one out!"

​"I love the story line,

and can't wait to read

your book."

A new episode of The Writer's Life drops every Saturday. I did what was considered impossible, by my 25th birthday. It changed my life, but that's only part of the story. I went on to become a magazine feature writer and author. It's been a never-ending rollercoaster. These are the stories of a lifetime.

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