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TheYearOfMyLife: reminiscences and rants: Politics Continuum

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​I did what was considered impossible, by my 25th birthday, but that's only part of the story. It's been a never-ending rollercoaster. These are the stories of a lifetime. Listen to the entire archive.

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"An excellent novella about the inherent risks of cyber attacks with some otherworldly spice. Victoria is an excellent side character who provides an interesting twist to this light techno thriller."

​​​"Science fiction meets Sam Spade.... Your writing style

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"I thoroughly enjoyed

reading your work. Perceptive, ironic,

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"Quick read with serious analogy of current political storm....formative and humorous
Highly recommend"

"Very concise and to the point, well researched and thought out, articulate and witty. It informed me and made me feel better at the same time. I heartily recommend this book to anyone."

​"Highly recommended thoroughly enjoyable from page to page"

​"Very interesting insight!"


​​Partner with The Writer and Victoria

Here's why your product, service, or venue would benefit by forming a promotional partnership with The Writer and Victoria. eBook has been, and continues to be, downloaded thousands of times around the world. I have achieved this by making it a free download, listed on dozens of websites. But that is only a partial reason for its success.

The eBook is the first in a new book genre known as a Continuum book series. When the book ends, the story does not. The characters and the storyline continue into the actual world through a real-time website.

The ability to operate in the actual world gives the fictional characters an opportunity to integrate with products, venues, and services and display the benefits to the public. The book has embedded product links that connect to these integrations as the storyline dictates. This allows the characters to promote products and offers without readers feeling as if they are being assaulted with ads. These links are permanent and continue to draw in new readers daily. The “advertising” becomes a suggestion from a friend rather than from a faceless company.

The website takes this one step further. You see, the eBook and the website share the same name,  This is where the Continuum series really shines. The fictional characters can interact with the actual product in ways that may become available after the book is published. This flexibility is the equivalent of having a continuously evolving ad.

But there's more. I spent a large portion of my writing career as a magazine feature writer, specializing in celebrity interviews. I have begun incorporating these skills into a podcast with celebrities, newsmakers, and other interesting people. It's called ‘Beginnings! Conversations that keep you talking.’ The podcast is on every major podcast platform, and is available through Google, Alexa, and Siri devices. Check it out by clicking on the tab at the top of this page.

I would really enjoy promoting your product, service, or venue in the books, Continuum website, and on the podcast. Please check out the many facets of this website, and feel free to download a copy of the book. It is a quick read and I think you'll enjoy it! Afterwards, let's do a Zoom conference so I can answer all of your questions. You can also click the green button at the top of the page and send me a message. I think you will find this to be an exciting and lucrative partnership.

​There is one last thing that makes this book so real. I want this to be more than just another book. I see more and more social media posts from people wanting to know that they are not alone. They are not alone.

The main character is an actual person caught up in a fictional adventure. The prologue, his world view, and The Writer's Reality blog (both in the book and on the Continuum website), is taken

from his actual life. I know this for a fact because I am The Writer. I call this an autobiographical work of fiction. I hope you enjoy

reading the book.

​                                                                                               Mark I. Jacobson​​