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   When I was a feature writer for magazines, I would spend many hours interviewing the subject of a profile. Then I would write a 3,000 word article from the interview. By the time I was finished, you really felt as if you knew that person. It doesn't work that way, anymore.

   Podcasters spend 30 minutes or so, and usually talk more than the guest. They keep the podcast short because they don't want listeners to become bored and tune out. I'm trying to change all that. Beginnings! podcast interviews are longer than 30 minutes, but I break them down into 10-minute segments. You can listen to as few or as many segments as you like.

   When all the segments are finished, you will feel as if you know the guest. I keep adding more segments, so be sure to check back or follow the podcast on SoundCloud. You won't be disappointed. Podcast episodes are approximately 10 minutes long. They are weekly stories of interest about people around the world.

   Around The Writer's Block episodes are 30 minutes, featuring information and interesting guests. It doesn't matter if you write for pay or play, Around The Writer's Block is for the writer in all of us!

Great news! 'Beginnings! Conversations that keep you talking.​' is now on Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, and TuneIn. This means that listeners can now find and listen to the show on various Google Podcasts platforms such as the Google Podcasts App, the Google Assistant, Google Search, Alexa enabled devices, and Siri-enabled smart home gadgets.

Mark I. Jacobson and the Continuum

The Writer on writing

Speaking to a virtual audience for the Writers' Festival in Dublin, Ireland

A conversation on the

Courage Collective podcast

Around The Writer's Block Live! (audio track)

Magician Ariann Black

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